Personalised CV feedback, instantly.

CareerSet utilises proprietary AI technology to score a CV based on dozens of key criteria employers are looking for, generating actionable advice on how to improve it.

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  • Make a great first impression.

    An applicant's CV is the first impression they make on an employer. While this key document summarises their relevant achievements, it also serves as a sample of the quality of their work and attention to detail. Research shows that recruiters spend only an average of seven seconds on an initial CV screening before deciding whether to discard it. CareerSet helps candidates stand out and leave a great impression with an optimised and flawless CV..

  • Expert advice, in seconds.

    Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms have been configured using best practices as identified through exhaustive research with recruiters, hiring managers and career advisors. Any identified areas for CV improvement are backed by clear explanations and detailed examples. CareerSet evaluates the strength of a CV in relation to its impact, style and conciseness. Through expert feedback, we enable candidates to optimise their CV one line at a time.

  • Real-time and available 24/7.

    CareerSet can be accessed at one's convenience to iteratively improve a CV, with an unlimited number of uploads. CareerSet visualises the score improvements together with a threshold score, as recommended by career advisors to be obtained before either submitting the CV to employers or scheduling a personal session for further advice. With our platform available 24/7, career advisors can shift their focus to personal guidance during valuable scheduled time together.

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  • Instant CV feedback
    Enables users to independently optimise their CV
  • browser stats
    Expert feedback
    Based on recognised recruitment best practices
  • CV templates
    Proven CV sample lines
    Detailed examples and clear explanations
  • Optimised CV templates
    Recruiter vetted ATS-compatible templates
  • Expert insight
    Custom Scoring
    In line with institution standards
  • Proven CV lines
    Track progress
    Via career centre admin tools
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