Refining cover letters effortlessly.

From the opening paragraph to the closing statement, CareerSet pinpoints key enhancements for quality and job description alignment, transforming applications.

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  • Writing a cover letter that stands out.

    A cover letter is a writing sample and an important part of the screening process. With the aid of CareerSet, an applicant can put their best foot forward and increase their chances of securing an interview. Detailed feedback is provided in an instant, based on critical points that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. This includes salutations, paragraphs, language use, writing style, tone and spelling.

  • Personalising cover letters for increased impact.

    Personalising a cover letter does not always entail writing a completely different letter for every job application. However, it does mean customising parts of each letter to address the target reader, express interest in the specific role and highlight relevant keywords and skills. Our tool shows you how to create a personalised cover letter, with the power of AI, and shows you how to include the most important skills and attributes the employer expects to see.

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  • Addressing employer needs and cultural fit.

    In addition to hard skills and keywords, job descriptions often contain soft skills such as ‘teamwork’ or ‘leadership’. CareerSet's cover letter feedback solution highlights these soft skills, so an applicant can learn more about the organisational culture and hiring needs. This then enables them to demonstrate through relevant examples that they possess the specific competenties and character traits that the employer is looking for.

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  • Core checks
    Format, word use, style, tone and spelling
  • Writing tips
    Impactful cover letter writing advice
  • Relevancy scoring
    Matching a role's required (soft) skills
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