Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use CareerSet?

CareerSet is an all-encompassing solution that can be used iteratively to improve your CV. You can either start by uploading your existing CV or by using our online resources to first draft your CV.

Feedback reports generated via the ScoreMyCV engine include personalised advice on how to further enhance your CV and increase your CV score.


To whom is the CareerSet platform relevant?
CareerSet has been designed to be relevant to anyone who wants to optimise their CV for a professional career, regardless of their academic discipline or line of work. Via the input of a focus group of senior recruiters and hiring managers, consistent best practises across industries have been identified and embedded in our platform. 


What kind of CV formats does CareerSet check?

Our CV Scoring Engine has been designed to check chronological CV formats, i.e. in line with the templates available on this website. In case you decide to go for an unconventional CV format, such as a skills-based, creative or eccentric CV, we recommend that you reach out to your Career Centre or a Career Advisor directly.


What kind of feedback can I expect?

Our Artificial Intelligence technology grades your CV based on dozens of checks that recruiters and hiring managers pay attention to. The CareerSet CV Scoring Engine ensures that your CV is ATS (Applicant Tracking System) compatible and specifically evaluates the strength of your word choice in relation to three main categories: impact, style and brevity.


What happens to my personal information?

As per our privacy policy, we do not store CVs. When you upload your CV, our CV Analysis Engine parses it to identify key sections and bullet points or sentences related to your personal experience. Your feedback report may contain specific sentences and personal information as such. The content of the feedback reports is only held for active accounts and is not connected to any other personal identifiers than your login details. 


CareerSet was unable to read my CV, what’s wrong?

Please ensure that your CV is PDF format (max 2 MB in size) and contains readable text. Our analysis engine is unable to read images or text that is in any other language than English.


What are Action Words and Metrics?

If you are looking to interview for popular roles, your CV needs to stand out. The impact of your CV is determined by your ability to provide examples of your achievements. The more measureable the achievement, the better employers can understand what kind of experience and impact you could bring to their company. Therefore, CV writing best practises entail that candidates quantify their work experience with numbers and metrics.


Candidates often find it difficult to adhere to this advice and use numbers, especially if their background is not in a commercial field. For this reason, we have developed a list of metrics that you can use to quantify your achievements for all jobs. We also explain exactly why and how to use each metric too.


What kind of sample CV lines do you offer?

Our 250+ sample CV lines have been embedded into our feedback reports and span a wide range of job types. They have been designed to showcase the following skills: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Teamwork, Communication, Problem Solving, Analysis, Strategic Thinking, Business Analysis, Project Management, Process Improvement, Quantitative Analysis, Modelling, Product Development, Market Research.


Could sample CV lines be copied directly?

Please refrain from copying any sample lines directly and ensure that your CV reflects your own personal experience.


What is the source of your content?

Our products and resources are based on recognised best practises. We have worked extensively with a focus group of recruitment professionals and hiring managers at popular companies to understand what makes up the perfect CV. Additionally, we have used real, distinguished CVs and benchmarked our algorithms by identifying patterns.


Anything else?
If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please get in touch via email.