CareerSet for educational institutions

CareerSet partners with career centres and educational institutions to make career support more scalable, in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Implementations are simple and do not require any resources from an institution's careers team or IT department. Get fully up and running in a matter of weeks.

1. Implementation

  • Approvals

    CareerSet is fully GDPR compliant and registered with the UK's data protection authority, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). We make the approval process easy by providing full assistance on an ad-hoc basis. Simply forward us any relevant forms and questionnaires, and we will provide you with the necessary information for a quick turnaround.
  • Setup

    For every institution that we partner with, we launch a dedicated login portal, accessible via a unique link, i.e. The page contains your institution’s logo, branding and guidelines for student use.
  • Authentication

    CareerSet utilises secure passwordless authentication. This means that your institution’s (academic) domains are whitelisted, and students can simply log in by entering their email address to request a unique link via email. Clicking on this email link logs them in for the duration of one session (and sets them up as a new user upon the first login).
    Why? This approach has several benefits, including, 1) it’s easy to implement without requiring any IT resources, 2) it’s very secure as no passwords are stored, and 3) it suits the usage of our platform by students, which is limited to a few times a year.

An example of a dedicated login portal we create

An example of how secure passwordless authentication works

2. Go-live

  • Licensing

    Once you are live, all you need to think about is how to promote your institution’s portal to your students, which we will help with by sharing best practices and promotional material with you. Students simply accept our terms of use & privacy policy and get started by uploading their CV and cover letter.
  • Customisation

    In order to ensure our feedback solutions are in line with your specific standards of advice, we can accommodate several adjustments to resources, scoring and feedback text. Based on your trial, you may already have some requirements in mind already. If not, this can be revisited during the licensing term as part of our regular business review meetings.
    Resources: CV templates can be replaced with your own templates and/or other CV-related resources made available to students via CareerSet.

    Scoring: The strictness of scoring and the weight of individual scoring criteria in the overall CV score can be adjusted based on institution feedback.

    Language: Adjustments to the feedback text, as long as this is consistent with general CV writing best practices and in line with employer standards.
  • Integration (optional)

    CareerSet partners with leading career centre management systems, such as TARGETconnect for two-way integrations. First, students can access CareerSet via their system (as a step of an employability pathway). Second, all student activity data is automatically sent to their system so everything is in one place for the careers team to view.

Students will be able to access all tools via their dashboard

We can optionally add your internal resources and templates into the dashboard

3. Ongoing

  • Admin tools

    Institutions can keep track of students’ adoption and progress. Via an analytics dashboard, we enable careers teams to visualise student activity and search for individual students by name or email address to view their scores and feedback. This allows career advisors to understand individual strengths and weaknesses and to address specific student needs.
  • Student support

    We take care of all platform-related student support. We do so via an online help centre, access support, and respond to email enquiries. By automating the initial CV & cover letter review and setting a recommended or threshold score for students, career advisors can get more out of personal sessions with students to support them even better.
  • Business reviews

    We support our customers via regular business reviews to reflect upon the results, discuss your feedback and understand what ways we can serve you and your students even better. Instead of a complex implementation, we simply speak for 30-60 minutes every quarter during the first licensing term. Of course, we are available for ad-hoc support too.

An example of data you'll get access to through the admin dashboard

An example of high level analytics of your students

  • Career Centre Benefits

     Extended student reach enabling every single student to benefit from support
     Improved personal sessions with better student prep and detailed analytics
     Strengthened institution brand with employers and in employability rankings

  • Student Benefits

     Real-time and available 24/7 making it accessible at their convenience
     Personalised advice addressing relevant, actionable improvements
     Proven employability results making sure their applications stand out